Make More Hack

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Make More Hack

Have you ever thought to be the boss? To hire other employees and through them to maintain law and order in the company? Now you can do it with Make More Hack. The application developed by a team TropicMod, among other things, allows you to add to your account favorites raw materials. Coins and Cash will allow you to expand your business through new employees, and more. You will gain also on the speed of workers or the whole factory. The software has been developed for iOS and Android. Make More Hack is a simple application and does not require additional costs or payment. Invite your friends to play, build a factory as much as possible. Share this post with others and download today is a great addition to the game Make More. We are waiting for you!

Make More Hack Application



About Make More

Welcome to the world of hard-working employees of your own factory. It is thanks to the latest production studio Fingersoft titled Make More! You assume the role of president of the factory. The game is based on real daily life of each of us. Now you can play the body of his boss and feel what it is like to have power. It should be so hurry his crew to produce as many products and thus provided us with the most cash. But before our staff will bring huge profits need to train them, because at the beginning can boast, but only stupidity. Another way to increase your profits is also the opening of newer and newer factories, and then filling them with more employees demanding course as the previous training in order to work more efficiently. Be sure to fill all the factory workers, because it will allow you to earn wonderful trophies, and thus make the president will be very pleased.

Finding all employees not be so easy, because people are naturally lazy, but we believe in you, you can do it. It is worth noting that each factory has its own unique character and produces specific goods themselves. Factory circus example. Produces sweet cakes and lollipops, while factory farm produces agricultural products, for example cows and manure. Available in the game box with surprises increase your productivity, so you earn a fortune much faster. After retraining their employees see with satisfaction as the fall in the working frenzy to the accompaniment of disco music, and you get more and more cash. Make More! This seemingly simple game but can drag on for hours. So, if you need to instantly enjoy an interesting time, be sure to refer to this production. We wish you the biggest profits!


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