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Hello everyone! Do you want some free Credits for Life Selector? That’s the right website to get them. Just read that quick tutorial and follow the link by clicking on the button below. Life Selector Hack is easy!

What is Life Selector Hack?

Life Selector Credits Hack Tool is a free & safe online tool to generate unlimited amounts of the Credits to the website account. It uses a special script built-in the Hack. That means that the whole backend scripts are hidden and you see only the effect of our frontend. To be more specified – everything you need to do is typing your email address connected to Life Selector and the number of Credits to generate. Easy as f*ck?

It’s also free – the only thing you need to do is completing the Human Verification survey that is extremely easy and won’t take you much time. It’s necessary because of too many bots accessing the generator and DDoS attacks which started to happen very often recently.

Are you new to the Life Selector? Come to their website and check – it’s definitely worth a try!

How to use the tool?

The whole process is very simple and you should know how to do that by reading the paragraphs above. But to make you sure that you are using the Life Selector Hack is the right way:

  1. Click on the button below to access the Life Selector Credits Hack.
  2. Type in your e-mail address.
  3. Select amount of Credits (we recommend not to generate more than 100000 Credits at one time)
  4. Continue the process & wait till the tool will do the magic.
  5. Complete Human Verification Free Survey.
  6. After you will pass the step 5, simply check your account for a new amount of Credits.

Main Features

  • Life Selector Generator uses Proxy to keep your account safe.
  • It’s free to use and share with others.
  • Safe – we can guarantee that it’s free from Viruses, if you don’t believe, scan it with some antivirus.
  • Updated weekly – if there’s some problem with the tool, it will be repaired in a maximum range of 7 days.