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About Dirty League

“Dirty League” is a captivating game developed by Hooligapps that immerses players into a fantasy world teeming with enemies and dangers. The game combines the thrill of match-3 gameplay with RPG elements, where each female character possesses a unique element. By creating chains of stones that match the color of the heroine, players can inflict maximum damage on their enemies. The game requires swift thinking and strategic planning to defeat adversaries and progress to the final.

In the realm of Dirty League, players are tasked with rescuing female hostages from a mystical prison. Each rescued girl has a distinct elemental affinity and unique abilities. As players progress through the game, they encounter different girls, each with unique abilities and strengths. Players can enhance their heroines and equip them with powerful magic toys to unleash their full potential.

The game has a tiered league system, where players climb higher in the Tower by increasing their power each week and competing for prizes. However, some players have reported issues with the league system, such as difficulty progressing to higher leagues and facing opponents with significantly higher power levels. Despite these challenges, the game rewards players with generous rewards, including new card sets that can compete with the strongest decks.

Dirty League is still in its early stages of development, with various mechanics in the game being updated and new features being added. While the game has become more challenging, the rewards have also improved, with more rewards being added with each update. The game also plans to add the ability to farm cards on resurrectable monsters in future updates.

Dirty League is published by Hooligapps, a developer known for their innovative and adventurous game concepts. Hooligapps has created a niche for itself in the gaming industry with their focus on adult-oriented themes. With Hooligapps at the helm, Dirty League stands as a testament to the studio’s commitment to delivering adult-oriented games that intrigue and captivate their audience.

Dirty League Resources

In “Dirty League”, there are several resources that players can use, earn, or buy to advance in the game:

Energy: Energy is a shared resource between the main game and events. It’s often strategic to save your energy for events, as they are temporary and offer unique rewards. Energy can be collected and merged until it reaches a maximum level of 100. The energy can go over 100 using energy items, allowing you to use them after the event on the main game.
Inventory Slots: Players start with four free inventory slots. Additional slots can be purchased with diamonds, one at a time, up to a total of 24 slots.
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Diamonds: Diamonds are a premium in-game currency that can be used to purchase inventory slots and other resources. It’s not explicitly stated where these can be obtained, but typically in games like Dirty League, they can be earned through gameplay, purchased with real money, or received as rewards from events.
Copper Coins: These are rewards in the Pussy Market event. The rewards are given for achieving certain goals in the event.
Remember, the way you manage and use these resources can greatly affect your progress in the game. Strategic use of energy, for example, can help you maximize your rewards from events. Similarly, using scripts can help enhance your gameplay and give you an edge in battles.

Are there any other ways to increase my inventory slots besides purchasing them with diamonds?

In “Dirty League”, increasing your inventory slots primarily involves purchasing them with diamonds.

However, the game doesn’t seem to offer any alternative methods for increasing inventory slots without using diamonds.

This is a common feature in many games, where inventory expansion often requires some form of premium currency or real money. The limitation on inventory slots is a way to balance the game and encourage strategic resource management. It also serves as an incentive for players to engage with the game’s monetization features.

If you find that your inventory is becoming full, you may need to make decisions about which items to keep and which to discard, sell, or use. Regularly reviewing your inventory and managing your resources can help you maintain enough space for new items.

It’s also worth noting that the game is regularly updated, and developers may add new features or methods for expanding inventory in the future. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on game updates and announcements.

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